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宇宙のなかに住む住人は、どうすればその形がわかるのだろう,という世紀の難問ポアンカレ予想から出発した壮大なドキュメンタリー。決して外から形を眺めることができないがそれに挑む天才数学者たちが繰り広げる死闘を執念で追います。また、記者自身にもそれに挑戦させるとんでもない企画。数学や理論物理学がこれほどまでに凄まじいものかと、、。その煌きと感動を身をもってお伝えします(><);ギリシャ問題、中国バブル崩壊、性奴隷マーケット問題などニュースの裏側を伝えます。短期勝負なのでいづれブログではなくなります。Web MO

バビロンSEX奴隷市場が出現 3000年後の現在に 


The buyers are mostly young of local community which negotiate on the price tag bear by the salable human beings. U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) says that ISIS is selling women to the youth for pramoting them to join them. Last month, a Yazidi woman, who escaped her captors told the media that women were sold for $10 after raped for several times. The UN report having 26 pages says that the Islamic State is selling young teenage boys also in this slave markets. The report found that the group was operating two sex slave markets, one based in Mosul in Iraq and another in Raqqa, Syria.